Screenwriter & Producer

Looking for female-driven comedy scripts with marketable concepts that actually sell? 

Heya, I’m Joanne Rose! I write original comedy scripts for bad-ass Gen X women, by giving a strong voice to female characters. My scripts are suitable for iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google, Netflix and Hulu. 

What would you do if a screenwriter handed you a killer comedy script right this second? Think back to a time when you made a pass on a script that became a blockbuster success and regretted it every single day. Wouldn’t it make you feel like a rockstar to produce the next high-concept comedy with an all-female cast?

I love to inspire and empower women to rise above adversity.

If you’ve been on the planet this long, I’m guessing you’ve faced some setbacks and challenges in your own life, but maybe you feel like the only one. You might be even wondering about the next phase of your life, like “what’s next?” Well, I decided to take inspiration from those challenges and disappointments in my own life, and turned them into comedies. It’s healing and much cheaper than a therapist! First I throw my ideas against the wall, twist them into a pretzel, then throw them against the wall again (because the first time was so rad!), so that elements of my original story idea remain, but they all have one thing in common. Universal appeal. So, there you have it! A method to my madness. 

Women screenwriters deserve a voice in the entertainment industry.

I’ll be your personal story ideas-machine, so that you’ll never have to wonder who to contact when it comes to all-female comedies for women over 40. My storylines are hilarious and authentic. Let’s face it. Movies change people’s lives.

About Joanne Rose

I’m an Aussie girl who was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. I’m both an Australian and US citizen and live between LA and Maui. I left school at 15 and headed to LA by 19. I spent years modeling and doing some acting. But it was many years later, where I found my true passion as a screenwriter. I’ve been a screenwriter for over ten years, and studied Writing for Comedy and Writing for Television at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), and took screenwriting courses and programs in LA.

I’ve Got a Confession to Make

Growing up in the 80’s, my parents raised me on slasher movies from the 70’s and 80’s by Dario Argento, Stephen King, Wes Craven, John Carpenter, and Sam Raimi, to name a few. However, that soon expanded into other genres such as comedy and drama, especially films by John Hughes. Like that time when I lived out a scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, by making a real-life prank call to my high school principal, just to bail myself out of school that day. What can I say? Save Ferris!

Production Companies

I started Vegan Vision Productions in 2009, which focuses on web series and unscripted programs for TV. Fun Fact: I’ve also been a dedicated vegan since 1994. Betcha didn’t see that coming!

In 2015, I started Sweetest Pit Bull Productions, which focuses on female-driven comedies. I’ve got a pit bull style go-getter attitude when it comes to the craft and business of screenwriting, but I also have a sweet personality. I swear, I don’t drool or snore!

Just The Facts 

  • Optioned my Christmas comedy script to a company in Canada who offered me a second deal for my romantic-comedy
  • Acquired a shopping agreement to two music biographies for screen adaptation
  • Three of my screenplays are among the top projects on Coverfly’s industry database
  • Pre-production for Life of Groupies starts in January 2021

Joanne Rose is the hardest working comedian/writer you’ll ever meet. Huge thumbs up! And did I mention that she’s hilarious too. – Randy Becker, NexTV Entertainment

Let’s take a meeting over a cup of English Breakfast tea with foamy soy milk. Contact me today before I sign the next contract!