True Story: I Can Only Write Comedy As A Blonde

When my commercial agent suggested I go brunette as brunettes were in style for casting in LA, I was hesitant. Me, go brunette? If blonde was working for me all these years, going darker to make my agent happy was not gonna cut it for me…But then again, I’ve never played by the rules anyway. 

Okay, well I tried it, but just to see for myself. I went brunette for 6 months. I hadn’t been that color since I was 18. What I noticed was how it affected my creativity now that I wasn’t a blonde. I suddenly had writers block and worst of all, I couldn’t come up with a single funny line either. Surely, it wasn’t because of my hair color…or was it? Well call me weird (it wouldn’t be the first time), I went back to blonde and as soon as I did, the writer’s block disappeared and I started generating hilarious new ideas and storylines.

 True story: I can only write comedy as a blonde.

Solution: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

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