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I’ve been a huge fan of 80’s metal / hard rock music ever since I was as a pre-teen, when Appetite For Destruction, was released. Guns N’ Roses was my all time favorite band. It seemed everywhere you went, dedicated fans of rock music were proudly wearing t-shirts of their favorite bands from Motley Crue to Metallica. But I always wondered, what ever happened to all those fans when they grew older. Did they cut their hair and take corporate jobs? What became of their lives? My passion for rock stars, the music and curiosity about their fans is what inspired me to create a TV pilot about a fictitious hard rock band and their groupies.

Calling All Metal Heads

This show will appeal to fans of the 80’s, especially those that love hard rock and for middle age fans who can recall what it was like to be a devoted fan back in their youth.

I’ve not only always had a fascination and appreciation for rock stars and the wild lifestyles they lead, but what it also means to be a die hard fan and observing the crazy reality of hierarchy amongst some female fans at rock concerts.

True Story

When I was 16 years old, I snuck out of my parents house with a friend to go and see Izzy Stradlin,  an ex-original member of Guns N’ Roses perform at a club. I was underage of course but they still let me in because I told them I was of legal age. Go figure. A security guy approached me and a few other girls in the crowd assuming we were all hanging out together and invited us backstage saying the band wanted to meet us after the show. I didn’t go. I couldn’t find my friend at the time who had wondered off but I waited until I found her. By that point the club was almost empty.

I’ve won awards for Life of Groupies at the 2014 Hollywood Screenplay Contest and the 2014 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest. 

You Don’t Wanna Miss This Exciting TV Pilot!

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