Look What Happens When You Have Sex, Drugs and Crow’s Feet!

Life of Groupies is a multi-award winning TV script I wrote.

It’s a half hour single camera comedy series about middle age former head banger groupies, recapturing their past by taking a walk back on the wild side to avoid their mid-life crisis challenges. It’s sex, drugs and crow’s feet.

Look what happens when you have sex, drugs and crow’s feet!

Four very different personalities, all crammed in to one van headed to a rock music festival. Kate, an Elementary school teacher and divorced mother of a troubled son and aspiring musician, Zach; Amber, the straight laced Advertising Executive; Tara, a divorced ballsy chick and host of a relationship show on the radio; Emily, the happily married children’s author whose husband, Sam, a very polite British gentleman is their designated driver.

When the lights go down and the music starts playing, the women are back to their teenage wild days where rock music and rock stars were all that mattered. This time they aren’t the young groupies, but they’re not letting age stop them as they head bang – which results in stiff necks and headaches – and guzzle alcohol like there’s no tomorrow. After the women make various attempts to get back stage, their night is suddenly cut short when Zach gets arrested by the police and we learn an all-important long held secret amongst one of them, which will change lives forever.

Each week we will see how the women juggle their lives between real-life responsibilities and struggles and their re-commitment to being full-fledged groupies by running the band’s fan club after hours.

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