How To Break The Rules: Confessions of a Screenwriter

I just love breaking all the rules, don’t you? As a screenwriter this has proven to be an effective method for me and here’s why…

Total freedom to find your voice.

So if you wanna know the 4 steps I live by as a writer, keep reading.

  1. I don’t read or buy books on “how to write a screenplay”. It takes the fun out of the writing process. Writing isn’t complicated so why try to make it that way by reading technical jargon.  
  2. I don’t have a strict writing schedule. I act on bursts of ideas and write when I feel it. 
  3. It’s important to live life, so I don’t write all the time. There’s nothing worse than boring, uninspired ideas.
  4. I stopped listening to my literary agent and took back the reins on my career. 



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