How I Developed My Sense of Humor


How I developed my sense of humor.

You can’t fake what you find hilarious even if that means, fart jokes. 

Not all of us find the same things funny but you can actually get to know yourself through your sense of humor. Even bonding can occur through laughter. Write that one down!

I gotta admit, I am a quirky kinda gal. I find it crazy that some people have actually told me that they once felt intimidated by me, but that usually lasts a few seconds until I open my mouth and they soon discover, yep she’s definitely quirky. All intimidation out the door.

I look for the hilarity in almost every situation. Important disclosure  – except for death, life threatening situations or emergencies.

As a kid, nothing beat watching comedies like Airplane, National Lampoons Vacation and Police Academy. I believe whatever comedy you’re exposed as a kid, definitely impacts your sense of humor throughout life.

Having a childlike nature has definitely been a plus when writing and performing comedy.

What do you find funny?

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