‘Eat, Pray Love’ meets Maui

‘Eat, Pray Love’ meets Maui

Writer of new ‘romantic comedy’ wants to shoot her screenplay on Maui

Australian Joanne Rose has penned “You Had Me at Aloha.” -- Photo courtesy the writer

Australian Joanne Rose has penned “You Had Me at Aloha.” — Photo courtesy the writer

Screenwriter Joanne Rose has chosen Maui as the isle location to shoot her first film, the romantic comedy “You Had Me At Aloha.”

Rose says that actor Antonio Sabato Jr. has read the script and describes it as “fun, cute, loving and funny.”

Rose got her inspiration for the story after briefly living on Maui and says the story is loosely based on true events. Local Maui drummer, Josh Greenbaum, also inspired the male lead in her script. Rose is very excited to contribute to the Hawaii film industry and to work with the incredible talent there.

In just nine years since Rose, a Melbourne, Australia native and now based in Los Angeles, founded her Vegan Vision Productions and Sweetest Pit Bull Productions, she has gone from a struggling actress to a multi-award winner and now an internationally recognized face thanks to New Media.

Rose launched her career online with her comedy web series “Vegan 101,”which ran for three seasons. The series featured Rose and friends in highly exaggerated skits about vegans from all walks of life through comedy.

Season two guest-starred Oscar-nominated actor Eric Roberts with music by Keaton Simons. John Richardson of The Gin Blossoms created the theme song for the series.

After the series’ success, Rose began to focus on writing original scripts for TV and film.

She says that her TV pilot script “Life of Groupies” won two finalist awards in 2014 at the Hollywood Screenplay Contest and Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest.

She is currently writing a compelling drama that is also set on Maui.

Joanne Rose is represented by ADR Agency on Oahu. For more information, you may visit www.joannerose.com.

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