A New Trick To Writing Your Next TV Script

To get some creative juices flowing, I’ve been practicing Method Writing lately to set the mood for writing my next project – a TV series about rock stars and middle age … Continue Reading →

Announcing New TV Sitcom About Rock Stars And Middle Age Groupies

Sex, drugs, rock n’ roll and a shit load of hair spray and make-up. That was 80’s metal. As a Gen X gal, the 80’s still stands to be my … Continue Reading →

Sex, Single and Vegan? Check out this TV Comedy Series

Sex, Single and Vegan? Check out this TV comedy series. Just shot the very first scene from my brand new TV pilot, Sex and the Single Vegan. And let me tell you, … Continue Reading →

How I Developed My Sense of Humor

  How I developed my sense of humor. You can’t fake what you find hilarious even if that means, fart jokes.  Not all of us find the same things funny … Continue Reading →

Where I Get My TV Show Ideas

Where I get my TV show ideas. I write what I know. It’s that simple. But… Truth be told, I can’t think of a better way than taking some inspiration from my … Continue Reading →

It’s Sex and the City Meets LA

When I began brainstorming ideas for my TV pilot, Sex and the Single Vegan, I wanted it to have universal appeal and deal with real issues. Have you ever wanted … Continue Reading →

There’s Never Been A TV Sitcom Like This

As a self-taught sketch comedy writer, I am so proud to have won multiple awards for my show,Vegan 101, but you’d never guess what I did next?  I challenged myself … Continue Reading →

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