The Aha Moment That Led To Music

I celebrated a milestone birthday this year while spending two months on Oahu writing a romantic comedy. This trip led to a spiritual transformation and became a major turning point in my life. The aha moment that led to music.

Earlier this year, I took up a meditation practice, consisting of twice daily meditations and reflection. I also began to journal and for the very first time, I allowed life to guide me toward my next steps. This soon led to a move to Pasadena, California, which was purely inspired through meditation. I chose to follow that guidance which opened a door to a whole new path.

I fell in love with Pasadena instantly, having outgrown Los Angeles, but I also wondered what actually awaited me in Pasadena. By staying open to life, I was soon guided toward taking piano lessons at the South Pasadena Music Center & Conservatory. I had no idea where this came from, having no prior musical experience. However, I continued to listen to that inner urge to take up music and sure enough, life gifted me with musical talent too. As soon as my fingers hit the keys on the piano, I discovered a talent I didn’t know I had. I am now learning to read music too and am working on putting a band together next year. 


My advice to fellow artists is to go deep within and connect to your higher self. You don’t know what other talents you have hidden inside you that are just waiting to come out. 

Have you ever followed intuitive guidance? I’d love to hear your story.

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