Looking for the next original scripted comedy?

Development Executives and Producers, I can guarantee…

  • Original female-driven storylines
  • Proven track record as a comedy writer
  • Create content to reach your target audience
  • Turn your viewers in to loyal fans
  • Discover fresh new talent
  • Inspire your audiences, create buzz and drive new viewers

My sketch comedy series was picked up by Comedy Central. 

Lets take a meeting.

I am currently looking to sign a development deal for my next big idea. The stuff I write isn’t like anything else on air. I can deliver marketable ideas. I’d love to chat to you before another studio signs a deal with me. 

Click here to get in touch with me. The first cup of tea is on me!

Joanne Rose is the hardest working actress/comedian/writer you’ll ever meet. Huge thumbs up! And did I mention that she’s hilarious too…sort of helps with places like Comedy Central! Joanne is an inspiration to all in our coaching program - Randy Becker, NexTV Entertainment

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