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Hey! I’m Joanne Rose, a screenwriter who writes original screenplays and teleplays for women.

Behind every great script is…

Not enough women, so you’ll be glad you found my site. And so will your producer. Why? Because I write great scripts for comedy and drama with strong female leads.

I love to write storylines and create characters that inspire viewers to overcome hardship by never giving up. 

Development Execs, I can guarantee…

  • Original scripts for comedy and drama – strong female leads, making it easy for you to find great material to set up meetings
  • High-concept TV shows and Films – your day just got better because now you might find the next Golden Globe or Oscar winner
  • Turning viewers into die-hard fans – it’s a total win win situation 

Just The Facts Please

My multi-award winning sketch comedy web series, Vegan 101 got licensed by Comedy Central on TV in India. 

You know I’m good because my script was stolen

My original TV pilot script, Life of Groupies: Sex, Drugs and Crow’s Feet was an award winner at the 2014 Hollywood Screenplay Contest and 2014 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest. I wrote the script in 2013, which was later stolen and renamed Sex and Drugs and Rock N’ Roll on the FX network. 

Take a look at what I’ve got in development

Why I’m Good For You

Joanne Rose is the hardest working actress/comedian/writer you’ll ever meet. Huge thumbs up! And did I mention that she’s hilarious too…sort of helps with places like Comedy Central! Joanne is an inspiration to all in our coaching program – Randy Becker, NexTV Entertainment

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Let’s Take A Meeting. The First Cup of English Breakfast Tea Is On Me!

I’m currently looking to sign a deal for my next screenplay. It’s a screenplay you just can’t stop reading. I’d love to chat to you before another production company signs a deal with me.

Click here to get in touch with me. 


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