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Hey there! I’m Joanne Rose, a screenwriter and producer.

Producers & Development Execs, I can deliver…

  • Female-driven comedies
  • Optioned for film books
  • Brave, funny and inspiring Reality TV concepts

I’d love to help you find the best script for your next meeting. Sound good? That’s what it’ll feel like when you read it too.

Just The Facts Please

  • I created, wrote, produced and performed in the sketch comedy web series, Vegan 101, which won numerous awards. Season 2 guest-starred Eric Roberts. Five years later, the series got licensed by Comedy Central on TV in India
  • I wrote a pilot script called Life of Groupies which won awards at The Hollywood Screenplay Contest and The Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest
  • I optioned my Christmas comedy script to a company in Canada who offered me a second deal for my romantic-comedy script

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Joanne Rose is the hardest working actress/comedian/writer you’ll ever meet. Huge thumbs up! And did I mention that she’s hilarious too…sort of helps with places like Comedy Central! – Randy Becker, NexTV Entertainment

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